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The benefits of a bra fitting

The benefits of a bra fitting

Having a bra fitting can make a huge difference to your appearance and give you confidence!

Many women have never had a bra fitting and have been wearing the wrong sized bras for years.

They are missing out on so much, a well-fitted bra can improve your appearance and more importantly have health benefits. A well-fitted bra can improve your posture and alleviate symptoms caused by an ill-fitting bra such as pains in your back or shoulders.

Many of us will splash out on that special outfit and wear ill-fitting underwear. Your underwear really is the foundation of your outfit and should be your main priority. A well-fitting bra can improve your appearance and confidence, with and without your outfit!

Are you wearing the right sized bra?

If you’re not sure if you’re wearing the right sized bra here are some of the telltale signs;

Is your bra uncomfortable?

Is it riding up at the back? This is a sign that your band is too big and is not offering adequate support. This is the most important area of any bra and should only have space for two fingers.

Are your boobs popping out of the top of your bra or underarms? These can be signs that you are not wearing the right-sized cup.

The best way to check if your bra is fitting properly is to lift up your arms and twist your body and your bra will stay perfectly in place.

What style is right for me?

The key to getting your perfect fit is selecting the right bra shape for your body.
There are for key shapes; plunge, balcony, full cup and strapless, we will advise you which is the right shape for you.