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What to expect

What will happen during a fitting?

One to One consultation

Many women are nervous the first time they have a fitting and don’t know what to expect. There’s no reason to be nervous we provide personal fitting rooms and cosy dressing gowns to preserve your modesty. We only need to measure your under band, the rest of the fit is by visually assessing your body shape and where your breast tissue is on your body. We prefer you to wear a bra as it lifts your breast tissue into the correct place, and we can give you your site from that assessment. Don’t worry if the bra you are wearing doesn’t fit properly, we can see past that.

We’ll then bring you some new bras to try on, adjusting the straps until we get the fit just right.

Lots of new styles and colours to try

This is the most exciting point in the fitting where you can explore styles and colours which really enhance your shape and, in some instances take pounds off!

Gone are the days of unflattering bras that your mother used to wear or ill- fitting supermarket buys, welcome to a new world of confidence where you are proud to take off your clothes and explore the new styles and colours on offer.